Custom Jewelry Handmade in Wood with Gems Inlays

For my creations in general, and my jewelry in particular, I carefully select each piece of wood and every single stone.

My work is about revealing the inherent beauty and character of organic materials. I am using local woods disregarded for exuding too much character, and gems reclaimed from the jewelry industry (Thailand is a global hub for gem cutting and jewelry setting). I inlay the voids in outstanding woods with gemstones oozing character on their own: uneven, fractured, with interesting inclusions…

I take these two organic materials  and blend them together in harmony as if they had always been this way. The wood provides a mesmerizing structure that holds the stones together; the gems fill the cracks and voids of the wood with a new vibrant story.

In association, they look purely divine: the stones and the timber get into osmosis, reborn as a new material, full of beauty and vitality.

I create each piece one at a time, with the utmost care at each step, and love for what I do. I finish my work with high quality and labor intensive finish, that seals and protects the wood beautifully. Many coats of hardwax oil are hand rubbed to nourish the wood, accentuating the natural appearance and adding a warm glow while polishing to a silky feel without forming a “plastic” like film on the wood (like varnish or epoxy resin, which obscures the grain and texture of the wood and make it look and feel ‘dead’).

You will find more information about how to care for your wood jewelry here,

and explanations about how to measure your bangle size on this post, or the following infographic:


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