Caring For Your Wood Jewelry

 What makes my wood jewelry more durable?

Each of my creation is the fruit of an elaborated, labour intensive process that remains artistic and artisanal with a focus on the highest quality.It comes directly from the combination of education (masters degree in Wood as a material), experience (a lifetime of pursuing fine arts and performing arts), and my own environmental awareness.

I use a single piece of wood to create a bangle, so that the structure follows an uninterrupted, single-direction grain, and is made one at a time. The wood in each ring is manipulated only to the extent that it is capable of being manipulated; its integrity is never compromised. The process works with nature’s engineering, and not against it.

How do I care for my wood jewelry?

I would be doing my patrons a disservice to claim my work is as durable as traditional metal jewelry, but I can say that my wooden wearable art is much stronger than you might think, especially compared to wood jewelry pieces that are mass produced, or crafted without care, expertise, and love for piece that are beautiful and well made.

Because my pieces are made of organic materials – something that once lived and breathed as a tree, and natural stones from the depth of the earth –they do request a special kind of awareness. They require more maintenance than a conventional piece in metal, but far less than, say, a houseplant.

How does the finish work?

Each piece is handrubbed with many coats of hardwax oil finish to provide an aesthetically pleasing and very natural appearing finishing , without forming a “plastic” like film on the wood (like varnish or epoxy resin, which obscures the grain and texture of the wood and make it look and feel ‘dead’). I only use high-end quality finish that seals and protects the wood, while accentuating the natural appearance and adding a warm glow.

The finish is safe for daily skin contact and protects the wood from water and harsh or abrasive substances and surfaces to some extend. Maintaining the finish is essential to the piece’s good condition. If the finish is compromised, moisture can creep in, creating damage from the inside, out. When the finish is maintained, my jewelry can last for many years.

Can I get my wood jewelry refinished?

Of course! It’s totally normal for the finish to sustain wear over time. For this reason, I offer free re-finishes for the lifetime of your piece; I ask only that you pay shipping costs. 

What can I do to extend the good condition of my wood jewelry?


– exposure to abrasive surfaces and substances, including sand and powder detergent,

– exposure to harsh chemicals,

– over-frequent washing and drying, submersion in water (try to remember to take off your piece of jewelry during dishwashing, showering, and swimming),

– rough treatment, (lifting weights, operating heavy machinery, etc.)

    Is there anything else I can do to protect my wood jewelry?

    I offer a wood balm made from beeswax and an all-natural conditioner. You may want to use the balm on your piece when the finish has started to break down, as extra protection against moisture.

    *** Please take care not to put anything else onto your jewelry, because the chemicals may harm the finish and compromise the wood and the stones ***