Functional Art, 100% Made with Hands, Heart & Soul


I grew up surrounded by forests in my native Normandie, and with a fated family name (‘from the forest‘), I nurtured from a young age a deep connection with trees and wood and followed up on my wood journey through up to a Master’s degree in Wood Engineering in France.

100% Handmade with Heart & Soul

I find an inherent comfort and pride from making things, but also in living with objects which have been made with care and time. When I cut and serve food from a handmade board, I like to think of the tree it came from, I imagine the wood’s prior life as a house or piece of furniture, I think of the maker, the workshop, the tools… the wood is given a second or third life.
When I cut on a plastic board and serve on a mass-produced plate, I think of nothing. While working in product development for furniture companies, I have developed hundreds of designs, of which thousands would be produced and sold, but none would provide the same satisfaction or pride from either its creation or its use as any handmade goods. Factory workers and assembly lines bring cheaper, more consistent, and quicker results, but there is beauty which can only be achieved by making each piece one at a time, with care and purpose.


Style & Quality

I believe in a simple, honest approach to design where aesthetics and utility are intrinsic. Most of the time, I leave the material itself to ‘tell’ what new story will be his own. Even long after the tree died, the wood remains a living material, with a life and movements on its own. My work is a collaboration with the material; working along – never against – its temperament. There is a distinct and individual quality in well-made, slow-made, and handmade things which begins with the story of their making and continues on with each use. Each of my creations is made unique, and deliberately imperfect in its symmetry. I do not work with templates or patterns; I however go to great lengths for the quality of the finishing, and for refining specific details. The pieces you’ll find here are intended to be more than just utensils and kitchen aids, they should age beautifully and make the otherwise mundane tasks of chopping, scooping, and serving homey and graceful.


I work mostly with wood pieces exuding character and uniqueness in the hue, grain, figure, knots, burls, and voids. I often acquire the wood by love at first sight, live with it for a while before eventually making the first cut, and letting the wood guide my eyes, heart, and hands. I also find interest in exploring how collaborations can be made between elements – wood, earth (mineral/gemstones), fire, water & metal – to write a new story.
So much of my aesthetic is rooted in the philosophy that good design should respect the materials from which it is made. I deeply appreciate natural materials, so it only makes sense to source them responsibly and create objects that are made to last. I ethically source all my timber myself, connecting with local families, and seeking out abandoned or dismantled material from old houses, boats, bridges, and temples. I see the potential in the wood itself, some of which most people would discard without a second thought, and refining the existing beauty of the wood results in a mesmerizing blend of organic yet precise artistry. All my work is made by myself in my own studio.