What is Salvaged Wood?

Some of my woods are salvaged from lumber which would have otherwise gone to burn, landfill or chipper. Much of it comes from fallen trees and some leftover from other wood manufacturing processes.

Salvaged woods might bear some imperfections or none at all, depending on the product.

To the untrained eye, it’s nothing more than junk. But to me, each one is a gem, with its own story to tell and a hidden beauty waiting to be unleashed.

The bark of these pieces is coated in lumpy, disfigured knots known as burls. Marvels of nature, the burled wood produces a coveted marbled grain secreted beneath the bark.

I craft my work only from the strongest, most beautiful, and stable wood available, to preserve a piece of history and to eliminate the demand for forestation.

If you still have questions, call or email me today and let us fill in the blanks.



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