Why do I choose to use reclaimed wood for my creations? For many people including myself, having wood that’s rich in history and character adds a certain beauty, charm and story to their surroundings. For some, it’s the conservation element that makes reclaimed wood their number one choice. Still others choose reclaimed wood for its durability and strength.

Regardless of the specific reason for opting to use reclaimed wood, it’s human nature for all of us to love trees. They’re all around us, and wood is a huge part of our lives, our homes — and our history. Adding a reclaimed wood to your home provides a warmth and authenticity that almost seamlessly connects your living space to the natural world and to the past. It also injects a sense of character and a unique story into your space through the use of the beautiful wood textures.


What is Reclaimed Wood?

There are a few very important attributes that give reclaimed hardwood superiority over newly harvested lumber. One, it’s age. It’s old. REALLY old. My wood is “reclaimed” from old barns and wooden structures that are more than 100 years old, and was originally cut from virgin timber trees that were, on average, 250 years old prior to harvest. (So what I am saying is by the time my creation becomes your piece, it has seen more than 450 years of history? Yes.) The painfully slow process of a virgin-timber sapling maturing into a 200-ft tree gives this lumber an extremely tight grain and arrow-straight trunks. It is from this select resource that my reclaimed wood pieces are made.

Exposure to years of harsh weather and elements makes up the second attribute. Wood is organic and is always adapting to its surroundings as it achieves balance and stability. My wood has been soaking up its surroundings for over 100 years. During that time, this wood expands, contracts, absorbs, and reacts to a variety of elements that gradually transform its “character” and instills the unquestionable beauty and stability of our finished product. You will not find any hand-distressing, artificial aging, or any other factory-made stuff going on in my reclaimed wood.

Final attribute: Reclaimed wood is 100% recycled. This is the real deal. Reclaimed wood reduces the demand on forests, and provides a superior building material product.

I craft my work only from the strongest, most beautiful and stable wood available, to preserve a piece of history and to eliminate the demand for forestation.

If you still have questions, call or email me today and let us fill in the blanks.



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