Wood Artist – From the beginning of each object to its unique shape, it’s all in the beauty of the unexpected.

Though a wood Engineer by trade, I started handcrafting my artworks as an autodidact. Influenced by wood ever since my childhood, and graduated from the École Supérieure du Bois in France (Wood Engineering) it was many years after, while I was living in Thailand, that I discovered my passion for wood carving and the art of woodturning. I committed myself completely to my artistic mission by creating wood objects full of life.

I create every single piece from a lathe and hand chisels, thus trying to harmonize the lathe craftsmanship with a wide variety of hand tools. While any object is being designed and carved, I face the challenge of putting together the individual history and the intrinsic characteristics of the original tree, thus accentuating the special connection of every single object to the natural world. As a result, from that moment on the artistic outcome will always aim at combining creativity, simplicity, and purity in the creation of unique wood objects.

Because of their immense fluidity, these objects defy limits and conventions, being characterized by the constant deformation of their forms and, consequently, their elegant sculptural dimension.

No element or detail is ever overlooked. Supreme beauty determines the creative dialogue with the wood right from the selection of the trunk. All forms, all edges, all natural inclusions in the wood end up emerging in the unique single texture of every object. For this reason, the natural deformations, the cracks, and fissures filled with stones and metals are all part of my unique creative signature as a wood artist.

In the end, you are invited to share my passion for wood through timeless unique objects which transform your perception into something that will inspire you forever.